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May 9 - Best Management Practices / Recertification at Farmington contact 304-825-6983

May 30 - Stewardship Workshop at Calvin Price State Forest deadline for response May 15 contact 304-825-6983

June 4 - Best Management Practices / Recertification at Lewisburg contact 304-256-6775

June 6 - Best Management Practices / Recertification at Elkins contact 304-256-6775

June 11 - Best Management Practices / Recertification at Lewisburg contact 304-256-6775

June 13 - Best Management Practices / Recertification at Farmington contact 304-825-6983

June 13 - Best Management Practices / Recertification at Milton contact 304-743-6186

June 26 - Stewardship Workshop at Coopers Rock (Creating Conditions for Oak Regeneration) Indoors and Outdoors deadline for response is May 29 contact 304-825-6983

June 27 - Best Management Practices / Recertification at Elizabeth contact 304-275-0261

Clements State Tree Nursery Taking Orders for 2017-2018 Planting Season

Clements State Tree Nursery is accepting orders for hardwood and conifer seedlings. Trees may be picked up or delivered Thanksgiving week through April.

Order online

Download Seedling Order Form

Mail order forms to:
Clements State Tree Nursery
624 Forestry Drive
West Columbia, West Virginia 25287


DOF Updates National Priorities Section of Forest Action Plan

The West Virginia Division of Forestry recently updated the National Priorities Section of the Forest Action Plan. Assessments and strategies focused on three national priorities: Conserve and Manage Working Forest Landscapes for Multiple Values and Uses; Protect Forests from Threats; and Enhance Public Benefits from Trees and Forests.

To review the 43-page document, Click here

To review the original plan, Click here



Want to know which tree is the right tree to plant in your urban landscape? Check out this new publication, "Trees for Urban Landscapes."

Download Trees for Urban Landscapes

Why Become a Tree City USA?

Healthy urban trees provide full ecosystem services, saving your city money!

For every $1 spent on urban tree care, city residents receive $3-$4 in ecosystem services or direct environmental benefits derived from the existence of urban trees.

To learn more about the benefits of being a Tree City USA, download the

Tree City USA Fact Sheet


Timber theft is a crime. Don’t be a victim!

Many timber theft cases involve absentee landowners who are vulnerable because they aren’t around to protect their property. In these cases, the thief is often long gone by the time the crime is discovered.

Tips to avoid being a victim of timber theft:

Absentee landowners:

Have someone you know and trust immediately report any cutting or trespassing on your land.

Mark all property lines to assure cutting on adjacent property does not encroach on yours.

All forest landowners:

Have a Bill of Sale before any cutting begins and NEVER sign a contract without checking several references of the buyer.

For the best price, insist on getting bids for your timber. Most importantly, if you do not know the timber business, find someone who does to help you determine volumes, current prices and potential bidders.

Call Before You Cut Web Site
List of Consulting Foresters
Association of Consulting Foresters
DOF Regional Offices


The Logging Sediment Control Act (LSCA), West Virginia Code 19-1B, mandates the use of Best Management Practices (BMPs) to limit and control erosion and soil movement into streams.The silvicultural BMPs recommended in this booklet are the most commonly used. Although situations will arise that require custom or alternative practices to minimize erosion and sedimentation as mandated by the LSCA, West Virginia Code 19-1B-7(g) requires that BMPs be used to control erosion and soil movement into streams. The primary goal of BMPs is to limit erosion and sedimentation by handling water in small amounts.

Download BMP Book

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